The HotSeat with Doug Gilbert

Doug Gilbert

Doug Gilbert has always lived in the shadow of his younger brother Eddie and his father, the legendary Tommy Gilbert but Doug has persevered and made a name for himself in a business that is as rough and tumble as the Gilbert’s themselves.

Gilbert is no stranger to controversy having once cut a promo on Memphis legends Randy Hales and Jerry Lawler saying the former smoked crack and the latter raped a 13 year old girl and Gilbert, bring true to himself, never wavered and never apologized. The shoot ended the short lived Power Pro Wrestling promotion.

Gilbert has successful runs as Freddy, a knockoff of the Nightmare on Elm Street character, The Dark Patriot who was an arch nemesis of The Patriot and mostly just being himself wrestling in Japan, holding the IWA Japan Title for a number of months. Gilbert continues to wrestle in indie promotions in the states, mostly in the south as well as wrestles in Japan, occasionally donning the hood and wrestling as Freddy against other “monsters” as Leatherface.

Doug Gilbert has made a name for him in the pro wrestling business by hard work and sacrifice and continues to carry on the tradition of the proud Gilbert name.


#1. You are part of one of the most famous families; do you ever feel in the shadow of Eddie or Tommy?
A. No, it’s great to have a technical wrestler like my dad and a brawler, and one of the greatest wrestling minds in the business as my brother, but we all are different in our own ways.

#2. You work in Japan a lot including holding the IWA title, how much difference is there working the states and Japan.

A. Anytime you go into a different culture, it’s going to be more difficult. Japan is extremely stiff and takes a toll on your body, but they are some of the most respectful people I’ve ever been around. Japan is like fighting for your life every night.

#3. You have worked for three people I am very familiar with; Danny Davis, Ian Rotten and Jerry Wilson, how different are the philosophies of the three?

A. They are all like night and day.

#4. Where is your favorite place to work?

A. Tokyo, Japan

#5. Do you like to wrestle more hardcore or traditional?

A. Either, it just depends on who I’m working with.

#6. If Doug Gilbert were to promote, who would be the first five hires?

A. I do promote locally, and always use students I’ve trained first. If it were a national promotion, I’d hire Sid Vicious, Dutch Mantel, Terry Funk, Brian Armstrong, and Tommy Rich. I’d want these guys to mentor the up and coming stars to teach how wrestling really is/was.

#7. Do you think wrestling needs a union?

A. No.

#8. Who is your favorite opponent?

A. Great Kabuki

#9. How hard was it to loose Eddie and was he as brilliant to the business as everyone has said?

A. Extremely hard, and he was probably more brilliant in the business than everyone has said.

#10. Who is in your money match?

A. In the south, Jerry Lawler. In the north, Terry Funk.

#11. Finish this sentence…Doug Gilbert is…

A. A businessman.

#12. How would you fix wrestling right now?

A. For me, wrestling isn’t broken. I started when there were still territories. But for guys who didn’t have that opportunity, you have to pick a company or have a deal overseas. You can’t be “independent” and make a good living.

#13. Do you think internet PPV would help indie promotions?

A. If it was done right, I think it could.

#14. Did you ever dream of going to New York and what would your gimmick be?

A. I did go to New York and had 2 other opportunities. One was to be the King of Rock n Roll, a remake of the Honky Tonk Man, but it interfered with a tour I had in Japan. Jerry Jarrett helped set that up.

#15. What is your favorite type of match?

A.  Texas death match.

#16. Do titles need to mean something again?

A.  If the titles did mean something, it would make your talent mean more.

#17. Is there too much wrestling right now or to the Indies need to make a comeback?

A. I wish everyone the best, both big and small, but I do wish Indies could have territories again.

#18. Who is your toughest opponent?

A. Stan Hansen.

#19. Do you prefer Japanese style or Southern style wrestling?

A. My body prefers southern style, but the businessman in me prefers Japanese style.

#20. In the annals of wrestling what do you want said about Doug Gilbert?

A. No matter what is said bad, every time I stepped into the ring, I was always a hard worker.