WWE acknowledges that 5 wrestlers have died under contract, Fires back at Shays

The WWE is not turning the other cheek when it comes to the recent criticism by U.S. Senate hopeful Christopher Shays the opponent of Linda McMahon. Earlier this month, Shays blasted Linda McMahon and the WWE for the alleged amount of wrestlers who have died while with the WWE. On Monday, the WWE officially responded to Shays comments. According to a Monday January 23rd report by CTNews.com, WWE made the following comments toward Shays:

“The health and wellbeing of our performers is WWE’s top priority. We have an extensive talent health and wellness program administered independently by a team of renown physicians…. However, since the formation of the company in 1982, five wrestlers have passed away under contract. According to coroner reports, one individual died by accident, one by suicide and three by heart disease. Therefore your statement that ’41 people 50 years and younger have died in their jobs’ while at WWE is inaccurate.”

These comments were part of a letter that WWE official Robert Zimmerman. He also outlined how Shays participated on previous WWE events and even toured the WWE headquarters. The WWE also declared their efforts against bullying to shoot down the comments that Shays made about the WWE being a bully.

As for the 5 wrestlers who died under contract, I assume the WWE is referring to Owen Hart (accident) Chris Benoit (suicide) and I’ll let you guess which three wrestlers the WWE claims died from heart disease while under contract with them.

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