Wrestling vet lashes out at ‘mistreatment” by WWE

Lou Marconi

Cueball Carmichael is a grizzled veteran of professional wrestling having spent over 30 years training, wrestling, promoting, booking and doing nearly everything else one can do as part of the business. Carmichael is outspoken and often “tells it like it is” much to the chagrin of many in a business where some still feel it is never a good idea to air dirty laundry or “expose” just how horrid some people and/or conditions can be.

A recent experience Carmichael had with the WWE when they were in the Mid-Atlantic area (SC) that involved friends of his left a bad taste. Carmichael, in an effort to reach out to the masses and inform them of just how the corporate machine kinks now and then and in an effort to stand up for and defend his friends who were not show professionalism or common courtesy by the WWE, sent the following editorial to a number of outlets including Dr. Jerry Wiseman.

A month or so ago a friend of 20 years Manny Fernandez called me and asked me if I would help him get some guys for WWE tryouts he had been booking them for WWE on the west coast while he ran Lucha Xtreme and Amanda from WWE office asked him to handle the extras/tryout guys for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, I agreed to help an old friend with no expectations, Manny explained to me there are very few people he trusted to help get guys ready, I was one. I selected two guys and he had two, I chose Pat Cusick and Lou Marconi both well-seasoned veterans both had done enhancement work for WWE in the past, Lou a 20 year veteran who was trained by Charlie Fulton as a matter of fact was a regular in the Mid-West area for WWE from 1996-2000, he had wrestled Stone Cold and the Bam Bam Bigelow & Brian Pillman, along with many names and had many matches for them. Lou had moved to North Carolina 2 years ago and he and I had worked extensively together in Steel City Wrestling many years ago and became friends. Pat Cusick a 16 year veteran I have known his entire career, the two made sense to me.

 At Manny’s prompting we all packed the car the week before and headed to Manny’s facility in South Carolina to prepare, a 9 hour drive each way for Pat, and a 6 hour drive each way for Lou & Myself, we spent two days there preparing them for their shots at a tryout, Manny’s critic improved everyone and truly prepared them to impress WWE officials, keep in mind I was going for the sole purpose of helping Manny and being able to get guys ready if Manny was on the West Coast. We head home, keep in kind Pat, Lou & myself do NOT make a living at wrestling we all have real Jobs, so we took time off from work & all of us had families we spent time away from, gladly I might add.

Pat & the other guys had submitted their paper work to WWE and Amanda (WWE Booking Exec) had called all of them except Lou; however in a conversation she had with Manny she assured him Lou was booked. Fast forward to December 2nd, again another day off work and away from family, again gladly, we meet Manny at the Greensboro coliseum we go in, I slide to the corner talk with Steven Regal as does Manny, Vicki Guerrero, Big Show and Sheamus all come up shake hands and chat, I am comfortably settling in, I see Lou get shuffled away, I figure maybe they are preparing him to be fed to Ryback or something, a few minutes later he emerges and says, I am not booked I have to leave the building immediately. I was in shock, Mark Carrano had decided when they couldn’t find his paper work he should be removed like a common mark, No questions no double checking and no apologies, no phone calls or queries to determine if there might be a ”clerical Error” as security assured him, Oh that doesn’t happened here, That fact there were some negative comments made by Carrano I don’t think need to be added, lets suffice it to say there was no professional respect shown to a man who was a regular fill in guy for 4 years in a business that yes went public but we all know the ownership is the same, I felt it could have been handled much better and far more respectfully & professionally, in a business that was built on respect is the WWE machine too big to show a little compassion or respect ? when Lou was told to leave and escorted out of the building by a very disrespectful security official I decided at that point I want no further association with the WWE and I too in a show of support & solidarity for my friend Lou & what is both right and missing in this business today a show of unity walked out to. I want no further association with them in any capacity, not that they offered anything, however Manny felt it would eventually lead to something no matter how small it was. No thanks.

I have refrained from offering an editorial on this at this time, these are just the facts and they are indisputable.

I feel people need to know what really goes on inside and that yes the giant corporation WWE is capable of errors, Manny confirmed with me due to the Thanksgiving holiday Amanda had told him it was indeed a mistake his paper work was not submitted in error. Lou has reached out to Amanda, yet as of today no reply.

Thank you,
Cueball Carmichael