“Heart Attack” angle with Punk and Heyman causes a backlash from WWE fans

In some fans’ opinions, WWE had produced one of its better RAW shows last night, which featured the apparently full-time return of Jerry “The King” Lawler on live WWE television. Despite this, there is one segment which stood out prominently from the rest of the show last night, and it is one that is greeted with a lot of mixed reactions from fans and former WWE wrestlers alike.

Late in the second hour, when WWE aired a video package that would prepare the fans for the arrival of Lawler in-ring before the break, there was a footage shown of what is supposed to be Lawler (who can be barely seen amidst the throng of EMTs surrounding him) being rushed into the back of an ambulance and, seconds later, whose body was being performed manual CPR on.

After the break, just as Lawler was underway in his speech, CM Punk and Paul Heyman interrupted him and called him out for his “heart attack stunt”. Just as Punk was cutting what turned out to be one of his most vicious in-ring promos from recent memory, Heyman then proceeded later on to mock Lawler and “suffered” a heart attack right in the middle of the ring, with Punk reviving him through CPR.

Of course, Punk’s and Heyman’s Twitter accounts were later besieged with criticisms from numerous people. However, it looked like they were taking the comments very lightly, with Punk’s tweets making fun of the people who criticized him for the angle:

“I saved a mans life. #longliveheyman”

“You people are pigs. I saved a mans life tonight. This isn’t something you joke about. PIGS. #learnCPR”

“Fact: @JohnCena is the doctor of thuganomics. I’m a real doctor, and I know CPR.”

Heyman also was furiously tweeting out replies to some people, with some even claiming that Heyman’s beef with Lawler is so real that he even mocked a real-life near-death experience on live TV. In a reply to one fan who tweeted, “Jesus, Paul Heyman really does hate Jerry Lawler,” Heyman tweeted, “Jesus already knew that!” When another tweeted that Heyman and Lawler will “never get along”, Heyman then sent out, “HE STARTED IT!”

However, JBL, now working as full-time color commentator for Smackdown, defended Punk and Heyman’s decision to play along with the angle by referencing an angle he had with Eddie Guerrero eight years ago:

For those whining about Dr Punk last night, I once gave Eddies mom a heart attack on Mothers Day-then set attendance record in LA! #heat”