Rob Van Dam Defends Marijuana Use

Rob Van Dam, the current TNA X-Division Champion, did a phone-in interview for Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio last October 29. Out of the several questions thrown his way, one of those that stood out is whether he thinks that being a known consumer of marijuana had hurt his chances of being pushed as “The Man” for several companies he had performed for in the past:

“I would think, ah, with TNA, probably not so, because they, they usually like to make those references, ah, whenever they can. And I think they appreciate the extra, ah, the extra cool attention that it gets them. Obviously, my… high profile bust, when I got pulled over in Ohio with possession of 18 grams, uh, and..and… resulted in suspension and loss of the titles… I mean, there is no way in denying that that definitely knocked me off from the track that I was on. At the same time, I don’t mind going down in history for that or drawing attention to a cause that I believe is worthy…”

For wrestling fans who are familiar with RVD, he was apparently referencing the time he was competing for WWE, holding both the WWE Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship prior to getting involved on that well-publicized drug bust in 2006.

RVD also went to great lengths talking about how ECW was greatly influential to what the public knows as the Rob Van Dam character they all know now, and whether aging had indeed limited him to perform only certain spots during matches or otherwise.

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